FTC cracks down on Amazon “Review Hijacking” twisters

On Amazon, common elements for product variations like size, color, and styles are combined into what’s called Twisters. When used as intended it’s valuable for sellers and users. It allows users to quickly move through variants while most elements of the page remain the same. Sellers quickly realized that they could launch new products in … Read more

Express Files for Chapter 11: Private Equity, Shifting Retail Landscape, and Unfair Import Laws Blamed

abandoned mall store being eaten by the forest

Express was once the dominant force in mall shopping but now joins the growing list of mega-retailers filing for bankruptcy. The company cites several factors contributing to its downfall, including missteps in merchandising and the challenging retail landscape. Fingers are also being pointed at the role private equity played in Express’s decline and loopholes in … Read more

The Anatomy of Ecommerce Privacy Policies: A Guide Through the Maze of Data Collection

For online shopping, one complex key issue impacts almost everyone—data privacy. How websites collect, use, and protect customer data has become a burning question for consumers, lawmakers, and businesses alike. Privacy policies are the legal bedrock governing this complex landscape. Let’s dissect the anatomy of these policies, looking at regulations, best practices, and pitfalls. The … Read more

Understanding Dynamic Product Ads: A Dual Perspective for Marketers and Consumers

Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) are among the most ubiquitous ads in e-commerce marketing, providing a connection between the products a business offers and the potential customers interested in them. These ads automatically promote products to users based on their online behaviors, such as past interactions with the website or app. Let’s look into how DPAs … Read more

The Hidden Toll of PPC Advertising: Click arbitrage costs everyone

a bad actor stealing clicks

Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo find themselves as potentially complicit accomplices in the exploitative practice known as search arbitrage. This article breaks down how search arbitrage works, highlighting the detrimental effects on advertisers, consumers, and the broader online advertising landscape. We’ll also explore the burgeoning industry built around arbitrage techniques and investigate … Read more

Understanding the AI-Enhanced Threats of Identity Theft

AI could be stealing your identitiy

As technology evolves, so does the landscape of identity theft. It’s not just about stolen wallets or misplaced credit cards anymore. In our current environment, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) by cybercriminals has created more sophisticated and stealthy methods of stealing identities. Let’s explore some of these methods, understand how they work, and discuss … Read more

The deceptive practice of Google Shopping Arbitrage

Google Shopping is one of the most important channels for retailers to reach consumers, but a troubling trend known as Google Shopping arbitrage is challenging the integrity of the marketplace. This scheme involves deceptive practices where bad actors list products on their websites that are actually sold on reputable platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Target. … Read more

Navigating Z Triggering Terms in Marketing: Ensuring Compliance in Consumer Goods Financing

In consumer finance advertising, marketers face the challenge of capturing consumer eyeballs and adhering to stringent regulatory standards. Key among these are Regulation Z under the Truth in Lending Act and Regulation M under the Consumer Leasing Act, which govern the disclosure of terms in credit and leasing advertisements. A critical concept here is the … Read more

Klarna launches a transparency blog

Klarna Wikipink appears to be an effort to contrast credit card debt and delinquency with BNPL debt and delinquency. As BNPL faces more regulatory scrutiny it’s in Klarna’s best interest to paint traditional financing as predatory and show themselves as the better option. Klarna seems to be portraying themselves as the lessor of two evils … Read more

What should marketers know about C2PA?

an ai generated image of a robot painting fruit

C2PA (Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity) is a voluntary standard for verifying the authenticity and provenance of digital content like images and videos. In the digital age, the authenticity of content has become a pressing concern for marketers worldwide. The introduction of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) standard represents a significant … Read more